lunedì 10 settembre 2007

Birds! mdplab accepts Maurizio Goetz’s challenge

. This is the topic that Maurizio Goetz has chosen for his new experiment [1]…

How to talk about it? Simply by drawing inspiration from the bird world.
Where? On Slideshare, sharing ideas.

Nothing could be easier :-)

Obviously I’m joking, but I want to take the challenge and have prepared this presentation that I want to share first of all with you…

Each caption is based on the topic at hand and, as far as possible, follows the image of the template imposed by Maurizio for this experiment, whose results I’m very curious to see!

I have followed two guidelines I try to explain below.

The first is my experience on the Web. After toying with the idea for a year, I finally opened about two months ago (with which I intend to sell my experience in the Web Marketing field). As I have said on a number of previous occasions, in order to be credible it was essential that I first gathered sufficient experience and made a name for myself so that would not just become the Website of an unknown. During this learning process I did some “branding” of myself as well through mdplab, my R&D blog that I used and still use for learning, training and branding.

With mdplab I sowed my ideas, reaped those of others and grew in a way I had never imagined possible. Now somebody knows me now, in Italy at least :-)

The second guideline followed is that of co-marketing; lately this concept is being widely promoted in Italy in the tourism industry, however this co-operation between different entities is not yet widely practiced. I am of the firm belief that co-operation between tourist operators with the same goals and strategies is instrumental in expanding the market and achieving higher targets.

Creating a group therefore, is an excellent way to provide a personalized service where everyone has their own role.

A group where the objectives of its Members are the needs of its Customers, rather than the objectives assigned by a company to its employees. This is co-operation, real growth where a feeling of importance and self-worth created by sharing objectives, ideas and responsibilities is shared by others who recognize the value of each Member. In this way the “Personal Brand” of each member can be distinguished within the Group, and the “Company Brand” worldwide.

This concept works well outside of companies as well, that which is formed between a Freelancer and her/his Customer. The gratification of the former is the satisfaction of the latter only with sharing and co-operation between the two.

But first off all a group is made up of people!

To be alone means to be nobody…

A You and I only make sense as an Us!

This is the message I intend to convey in my slides. “Branding”, making yourself known in a world that initially appears so far away but one that can be brought closer with the right choice of words and actions; sharing and co-operating, not being afraid of the challenge while gaining trust and self confidence along the way.

This way you can become somebody, this is how to transform words like You and Yours and let them grow to become YOU and YOURS!

[1] marketingusabile - Birds: la sfida creativa

I made a translation of my slides because I want to share my ideas also with English/American people (moreover Maurizio Goetz has involved not only Italian people in this experiment and I want to share also with them my ideas!) and also bacause this is a great occasion to improve my english (thank you CarloAn for helping me in this translation). So...I'm waiting for English comments :-)